An incontinence product for men

The Contino® urethral insert, or simply Contino®, is a self-administered licensed medical device that controls bladder leakage in men. The incontinence device physically blocks the flow of urine so that you can reduce or even eliminate your need for diapers or pads.

Wait — where does it go?

You self-insert the Contino® device into your urethra and remove it prior to urination. It’s actually very easy and comfortable to use. You work with one of our friendly Contino® trainers to get the fit so that you won’t even notice it.


Learn about the Contino® process and how it works from Dr. Kevin Zorn, Urologist

What’s in a kit

Your starter kit includes:

  • Contino® Inserts
  • Inserter Tools
  • Lubrication
  • Detailed instructions for use
  • Your Contino® Care guide

A discreet solution for bladder leakage

Contino® is small and compact and fits into a discreet case the size of an eyeglass container so you can take fresh inserts with you and maintain an active lifestyle. No need to worry about bulky pads, potential odors and leaks.

Holistic incontinence support

Only Contino® offers Contino® Care, a support platform that pairs you with both telephone support and an in-clinic trainer who are focused on ensuring the incontinence device has a perfect fit and you achieve improved bladder control. It’s simple and easy to use Contino®.

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