Don Finds the Right Treatment for Urinary Incontinence After TURP Procedure


Don asks – what is the price of self-confidence and comfort?

Don, a healthy 81-year-old retired dentist, was diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, where the prostate is enlarged but is non-cancerous. He went through a procedure that removed the inside portion of his prostate – also known as TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate), and he was fully cured. Seven years later, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was treated with radiation.

 All was seemingly fine until about a year later when he had to visit the emergency room. Suddenly, he was experiencing an inability to empty all urine from his bladder, along with severe pain. He received TURP again, which unfortunately left him with stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

 Discovering Contino®

Don, a retired dentist who enjoyed rowing and skiing, lived a healthy lifestyle until he experienced multiple problems with his prostate. Two TURP procedures left him with severe incontinence, and he completely lost control. Don was using up to six adult diapers a day. For months, his SUI did not improve. This had a major impact on his mental health; understandably, he shares that he had real anger and hatred toward his situation. His quality of life quickly declined, and he developed anxiety of being in social situations out of fear of leakage.

 “I had several episodes where the pad I was using overflowed, and suddenly I was totally wet and had to go home.”

 He describes trying everything – penile clamps, diapers, pads, and even external catheters, and nothing provided relief. Through his research online, he found Contino® in 2020 and was curious to try it. Though the initial stages of his Contino® journey took some trial and error to find the correct size and positioning, Don persevered. He found success and now does not even feel the device when it is inserted – so much so that he shares that he needs to remember to go to the bathroom and allow his bladder to empty.

 “I’m a singer. I sing in a choir. And sitting in the midst of a row of other men beside me, suddenly I realize – uh oh, I forgot. And you’re in trouble. And it’s hell. And you can avoid that by going to a product that will help control your leakage and incontinence.”

 Life After Contino®

Don estimates that the reduction of his urine leakage is above 90%, and he has experienced no adverse events over the past two years. Contino® has allowed him to go from six diapers to just one pad a day. His overall urine function has improved, and some of his urge reflex has returned. Don now has some periods of not needing Contino® at all.

“It’s probably the thing that has brought me the most self-satisfaction and feeling comfortable in my life that this is going to work for me the rest of the way. Rather than having to be constantly worried.”

 “You don’t have to have pads or catheters for the rest of your life. Contino® has worked for the inventor and other men. It’s easy to insert, and it’s easy to manage your leakage, and urinary flow. You just have to pay attention.”

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“What is the cost of self-confidence and comfort? You can’t buy that.”

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