A non-surgical, integrated product and patient support solution

The Contino® urethral insert, or simply Contino®, is a non-surgical licensed medical device that controls bladder leakage in men. Contino® is self-inserted into the adult male urethra and is removed prior to urination. Much more than just a device, Contino® Care is an integrated solution that includes personalized fitting and support from experienced incontinence medical professionals, so men can get on with life. Doctors can trust Contino® Support and the Contino® Care program to provide coaching and support to their patients, lightening their workload and ensuring the best care.

diagram of urinary tract with leakage

Without Contino®
Bladder Leakage

diagram showing Contino device in place in urinary tract

With Contino®
Bladder Leakage Control

Contino® urethral insert in situ

The image to the right is a urethrogram of a subject lying on their back with the Contino® in the “set” position. The dark, thick columns above and below the Contino® are radiopaque material used as a contrast material. The image shows the subject’s urethra has collapsed around the Contino® and the radiopaque material (i.e. urine) is next to the tip (i.e. leading end) of the Contino®. Please note: the radiopaque material below the Contino® is from the syringe used to inject the contrast material during the X-ray.

Contino® improved Quality of Life while reducing pad weight by over 70%

Source: Clinical Abstract published in CUAJ

Provider Resources

Clinical study

Read our foundational clinical study (Study) for Contino® in the June 2020 edition of the Canadian Urology Association Journal (CUAJ).

Abstract in CUAJ

Our first published clinical abstract concluded Contino® reduced urine loss and was well tolerated with minimal AEs

Canadian Urology Association webinar

Current and New Solutions in Management of Incontinence Post Prostatectomy: A Multidisciplinary Approach with Dr. Dean Elterman, MD, MSC, FRCSC and Marcy Dayan, BSR MHA.

Our clinics

Now available in BC, Contino® is expanding into clinics across Canada. Patients visit a clinic for their initial consultation where they are fit for a Contino® and trained on how to use it.

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Pricing & subscription

Covered by many private health plans and available through a convenient monthly subscription. Patients receive everything they need shipped to their door plus personalized fitting and support.

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How you can support your patients with Contino®

Refer a patient

Recommend a phone consultation with Contino® support to help assess if Contino® is a good fit and set up a time to visit one of our clinics.

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Become a Contino® trainer

Learn how to fit the Contino® device to your patients and support them with product education.

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