Contino® stops the flow

The Contino® is a urethral insert that controls bladder leakage in men. It’s different from other options you may have used because it temporarily blocks the flow of urine vs. capturing it in an adult diaper or a bag.

About the Device

Without Contino®
Bladder Leakage

With Contino®
Bladder Leakage Control

Control when you go

The Contino® enables you to control when you urinate, avoiding inconvenient and embarrassing messes. You simply remove the Contino® when you need to urinate and reinsert afterwards. It’s easy, comfortable and convenient.

What Patients Say About Comfort

More than just a device

Discover Contino® Care, the comprehensive solution for your incontinence management. With education, regular check-ins from friendly Contino® Support, and personalized fittings by your Contino® Trainer who is a Urologist, Nurse Continence Advisor or Physiotherapist with experience treating incontinence, Contino® Care empowers you to effectively manage urinary incontinence with confidence and care.

About the Device

Three easy steps to get started

Free Consultation & Continence Assessment

Talk to Contino® Support

First, you'll have a free telephone consultation with Contino® support who will ask you some basic questions to understand if your specific type of incontinence could be managed by Contino® or another option. If it sounds like a good fit and you choose to proceed, Contino® support will get you set up for an in-person meeting with a Contino® trainer by establishing your baseline with a free continence assessment.

Personalized Fitting & Training

Go for a fitting consultation

Next, you'll attend a consultation with a Contino® trainer who is a medical professional experienced with treating incontinence. You will receive a personalized fitting and training on how to use Contino with the support of the Contino® Care Guide. You will also receive the Contino® starter kit and instructions on how to follow the progression program and record your progress with the daily diary. Please note there is an enrollment fee of $150 to start the trial.

Trial Period

Try it yourself

Over the next few weeks, your support team and trainer will provide ongoing support through scheduled check-ins, or when requested, by phone and in person, to help you learn how to use Contino® and follow the Contino® Care guide. They will answer your questions, provide tips and advice, and troubleshoot if you have any issues.

Get started now! Freedom from leakage is only a phone call away

Start with a no obligation consultation phone call with a member of our support team. The only thing to fear is not trying!