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The Sunday Night Health Show: How to Deal with Urinary Incontinence in Men


Listen to the second episode in a series of interviews with host, Maureen McGrath, Nurse Continence Advisor, along with health care professionals and patients that speak to the growing challenge of men’s urinary incontinence.

Dr. Dean Elterman, Urologist in Toronto, joins the Sunday Night Health Show with Maureen to discuss the challenges men face post prostate cancer, specifically treating urine leakage and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Elterman elaborates on the solutions available for men with urinary incontinence from seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist to using the Contino® urethral insertion device. 

Also on the show, Dr. Jason Kindrachuck, Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases at the University of Manitoba, returns with updates on COVID-19. Brian Sammartino articulates how he has found the fountain of youth in his 80’s while still being in the workplace. Lastly, Maureen addresses gender and non-binary individuals.