Life360 Innovations Release Analysis on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Landfill Waste

Vancouver, BC, Canada: Life360 Innovations Holdings Inc. (Life360) is pleased to publish comparison analysis on greenhouse gas emissions and landfill impact with Contino vs. adult diaper users.  

Contino® is a more sustainable approach to adult male urinary incontinence with an estimated reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of 5 to 1 and a reduction of landfill waste by a factor of 2,160 to 1 per Contino user/year. A sustainable solution for urinary incontinence, a chronic and complex medical condition that effects 1 in 4 men over 40 in the US, is critical given the negative environmental impacts of disposable diapers.

Contino® is a novel, internationally patented medical device designed to help manage urinary incontinence (UI) in adult males and is available for sale in Canada. Market entry into the US and EU is expected in 2024.

There are limited treatment options available for adult males dealing with UI – the most common being adult diapers and pads.  The Contino® is a clear and sustainable alternative to diapers and the other management techniques currently available to UI sufferers”, says Robert Orr, President & CEO of Life360. Our comparison analysis is available here.

The estimated CO2 release generated from urine disposed into a landfill for a one-year period is 785.5 kg and the estimated release of CO2 from disposal of four adult diapers/day into landfills is 389.40 kg for an aggregate CO2 release of 1,174.90 kg/diaper user/year. In contrast, the estimated CO2 release generated from urine disposed in a landfill and assumed not disposed in a toilet, for a one period is 233.75 kg/Contino user/year.

In summary, this analysis estimates that a Contino user over a one-year period when compared with an adult diaper users will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of 5 to 1 and will reduce landfill waste by a factor 2,160 to 1. Both of which highlight the environmental impact of disposable diapers and the importance of sustainability.  

UI affects the lives of more than one million Canadian men, often resulting from medical treatment to the prostate (i.e., cancer, BPH, etc.) and other medical conditions. Fear of urinary leakage or major accidents, as well as discontent with having to wear and carry around diapers, has left a treatment and sustainability gap for affected males. The Contino® is a discreet urethral insert that enables men to urinate on a schedule dictated by them so they can get on with life and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste.

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Life360 Innovations Holdings Inc. is a Vancouver based medical device company dedicated to the developing unique products that create well-being by design.