How to compare incontinence products

Some of the criteria we’ve used to compare and contrast the success of various incontinence products include:

Bladder leakage control

Does the solution keep you dry? Does the solution enable you to control when your urine is released, avoiding inconvenient and embarrassing messes?

Clinically proven and licensed

Clinical trials are essential to demonstrate safety and effectiveness. Urinary incontinence products are measured on their ability to reduce leakage and improve patient quality of life.


There is no one size fits all approach to managing incontinence. Does the solution fit your specific needs? Are there options to customize the solution to fit better?


Does the solution make you feel confident, or is it bulky and noticeable to those around you? Can you travel with ease, without bulky supplies?

Convenient and affordable

Is the solution realistic for your lifestyle? Can we keep up with all your daily activities or are you constantly running to the restroom? Can you afford it?

Is the solution environmentally sustainable, does it result in excessive waste?

On average, a person using adult diapers will dispose of the volume equivalent of 600,000mL of used diapers into a landfill annually, which is equivalent to over 2500 cups of coffee. However, using a solution like Contino® results in the disposal of less than one cup's worth of waste.

  • So, how does Contino®
    stack up?

  • Contino®
  • Absorbent
  • Penile
  • External
  • Clinically proven to reduce bladder leakage
  • Few
  • Includes support form an experienced incontinence specialist
  • Can be used continuosly, removing only to urinate
  • Cleans easlily with water, no soap required
  • Fits in pocket-sized carrying case
  • Some
  • Does not require surgical intervention
  • Not associated with significant ongoing discomfort or pain
  • Not associated with skin irritation or damage
  • Includes an ongoing support program (Contino® Care)
  • Estimated annual cost
  • $1,500
  • $1,200 to $2,100
  • $100 to $500
  • $1,600 to $2,200

Contino® success is backed by science

  • A foundational study showed Contino® users have a greater than 70% average reduction in urine loss and an improvement in quality-of-life score of 4 points.
  • The study showed Contino® was well-tolerated with minimal adverse events.
  • Current Contino® customers usually describe a reduction of 90% or more in urine leakage and experience a quality-of-life score change of 8 points.


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