Dr. Kevin Zorn, MD, FRCSC, FACS, Urologist, Founder BPH Canada, Montreal

"Contino serves as a unique, effective, simple device which can really restore quality of life to gentlemen suffering from urinary incontinence. This revolutionary non surgical device is inserted with some lubricant into the urethra. When the bladder fills up the patient simply removes the device and after they finish urinating they reapply.  Its easy to use! If you can sign your name with a pen, you can effectively use Contino."


Dr. Dean Elterman, Urologist, MD, MSc, FRCSC, Toronto Western Hospital

"The Contino is a self-administered medical device for the treatment of urinary leakage or incontinence. Men are able to self-administer the device. They can insert it into the urethra and leave it there comfortably over the course of the day. And, if they need to urinate, they can remove the device themselves, after which they can rinse it under lukewarm water and reinsert into the urethra easily or store it for later use."


Dr. Steve Kline, Clinical Professor Department of Psychiatry, UBC

"This approach to male urinary incontinence is a breakthrough. With minimal training, it is straight forward to use, complications are minimal and easily managed. Overall. the benefits of increased freedom to socialize, attend public functions and travel make this a valuable resource for an expanded lifestyle with much less worry"


Maureen McGrath, Nurse Continence Advisor

"While there are many treatment options available for male urinary incontinence many men resort to diapers which is very undignified and it makes men feel much older. There are surgical options as well but now we have a new novel device that is safe and effective for men. Contino is something that a man wears daily to actually help to stop those bladder leaks and it gets men back to living their life again without surgery."


Dr Dean Elterman, Urologist and Maureen McGrath, Nurse Continence Advisor discuss Contino® benefits